1. redgraveconspiracy:

    Hahahahahaahaaaa oh my god i cannot believe

    how are there 500 of you

    In celebration of this and also the fact my first RvB fanart has hit over 1000 notes, I present to you another picture of Washington with cats.

    Thank you all for clicking follow, and even if you didn’t, I’m always pleasantly surprised to see new notes on my drawings, likes, reblogs, replies, whatever, you all make my days a little brighter! (‘:

    you all encourage me to post more and to not second guess myself before i dump things on here so thanks for all the encouragement. i’ll try not to disappoint as we move forward towards the future!! !!!

    Cheers, everyone. Here’s to regular updates, fussball, pokemon, and colour coded soldiers fighting a fake war.

    except now “fake war” is a million times more depressing than it used to be.

    Hugs and kisses to you all!!!!

    seriously though why are you all following me hahaha

  2. bluewindsummer:

    Bucky in the 21st Century: Part 2 

    (click here if you are confused)

    PART 1

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  5. "Just because I’m asexual doesn’t mean I can’t find people attractive. I mean, someone’s milkshake may bring me to the yard but that doesn’t stop me being lactose intolerant."
    — Me, finally discovering the best way to explain my sexuality to my friends (via effaced-ace)

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  6. stunningpicture:

    No amount of hot showers will get rid of the glitter on me now. Hopefully you guys think it was worth it!

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  7. markiplier:


    Watch me paint Markiplier!

    One day Mark and I are gonna be bros (because I’m obviously a major league gamer) and I’m gonna be like “Remember that one time I painted a portrait of you?” And I’ll laaaugh, and he’ll laaaaugh, and then he’ll say “Yeah that was fuckin’ creepy ya freak.” And hang up the skype call and then he’ll never speak to me again.

    Worth it, tho.

    Anyway back to reality, this is the first painting I’ve ever done in my life so try not to be too hard on it. I hope you guys like it and subscribe to see more of my art yaaaaaaaaaay. <3


    that’s pretty much awesome!

  8. jajitsu:

    Mario Party 4 Steam Rolled promo! Requested by ladyapologies.

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  9. life-writer:

    throw me in the trash just do it

  10. huntressgoodwitch:

    professor ozpin is a very responsible headmaster

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