1. theromantorch:

    I’ve isolated the lovely piano-violin duet in episode one that could easily be argued to be Roman’s theme (seeing as how the same melody occurs in each encounter with him). It’s just after the narration, when we first get a glimpse of Roman as he’s walking down the terrorized streets of Downtown Vale.

    As it’s part of the score, it technically doesn’t have a name. I took the liberty of calling it “Roman Candle.”

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    these two crack me up

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  3. ninja sex party live

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    W E L C O M E

    B  E    O  U  R    G  U  E  S  T

    these skeletons look legitimately friendly and inviting, i don’t know about you guys but i’m hella stoked to kick it with these skeletons

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  6. Five Nights at Freddy’s: 20/20/20/20 COMPLETE

    "I’m happier than when I beat Vanish."

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    why didn’t harry use the chamber of secrets when teaching dumbledore army? i mean, only HE could open the door?

    because the giant basilisk skeleton might have been a distraction

    if anything it sets the mood

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  9. Delsin Rowe - Photo Mode 3/? [x]

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  10. briannacherrygarcia:

    It would appear that I too have been sucked into drawing adorable baby Groot. #myart #marvel #guardiansofthegalaxy #groot #babygroot #iamgroot #copic

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